Men´s perfume SANTINI - Christian, 20ml

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Product ID:1000057
Volume: 20 ml
Head: lime, pepper, ginger, passion fruit
Heart: spices, gin, mint
Base: amber, woody notes
The best solution! 20 ml. perfume for your pocket or handbag!
Eau de parfume 20 ml

This magical fragrance charms every woman all around. Christian was inspired by city life. It's a VIP cologne for sensual men. This woody, oriental fragrance is perfect for parties, formal occasions or dates. It's appropriate for all-day wear. It's fine and engaging. The cologne greets you with a fresh citrus & fruity fragrance, which is infused with spicy tones of pepper. Following the heart of the cologne, there are hints of spice, mint and gin. And at the end, you will get the energy of the radical of the cologne in ambergris and woody tones. We wish you a nice transformation!
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