Men´s perfume SANTINI - Luis XIV., 20ml 1000058

Men´s perfume SANTINI - Luis XIV., 20ml

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Product ID:1000058
Volume: 20 ml
Head: anise, pepper, bergamot
Heart: fruit notes, labdanum, lavender
Base: patchouli, vanilla, vetiver
The best solution! 20 ml. perfume for your pocket or tote bag!
Luis XIV. Eau de parfume, 20 ml. - A charismatic and captivating cologne with oriental tones. 
This scent was designed for a dynamic and charismatic man. It starts off with a fragrance of bergamot, which is further complemented by a delicate anise aroma. In the heart of the cologne, labdanum, captivating lavender and juicy fruit notes show up. The base consists of an exotic scent of patchouli, sweet vanilla and vetiver. This unique cologne will be a great addition to your outfit for social evening events, at business meetings or any occasion when you simply want to make a clear statement.
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