Men´s perfume SANTINI - PEGO Legend, 20ml 1000064

Men´s perfume SANTINI - PEGO Legend, 20ml

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Product ID:1000064
Volume: 20 ml
Head: mint, mandarin, bergamot, ginger
Heart: lavender, jasmine, rose
Base: ambergris, sandalwood, oak moss
The best solution! 20 ml. perfume for your pocket or handbag!
PEGO Legend Eau de parfume 20 ml. strongly represents its name and has all the preconditions to becoming a legend. 
This fragrance was created according to 'ĺegendary' merits, which historically makes man by man - honour, self-confidence, a sense of purpose, brave, charm and passion. This is how it's inspired. It underscores strength and shows tenderness. It's modern, but it does not give up on tradition. It's mild and engagingly sensual.  This fragrance is composed of bergamot, fruit flavour of pineapple and recruiting acord of lavender. This amplifies to an aromatic atmosphere of jasmine, exotic cedar and apple. In the end, dark shades of ambergris, moss, tonka bean and sandalwood prevail.
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