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ONE SPIRIT - unisex perfume by SANTINI 20190904

ONE SPIRIT - unisex perfume by SANTINI

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Product ID:20190904
Volume: 50 ml
Head: lime, violet leaves, orange, wasabi, ginger
Heart: gin, mata, rose
Base: leather, sandalwood
Properties: Question mark A unique fruity-woody scent for men and women
ONESPIRIT Eau de Parfum is the essence of an untamed personality with an indomitable spirit. It tears down conformity and stereotypes to awaken the rebel within and the courage to live.

Composition of the fragrance
This Eau de Parfum opens with fresh notes of orange and lime, unconventionally complemented by spicy wasabi. The intoxicating essence of violets combines with spicy ginger. The heart of the fragrance gives you an energising combination of mint and gin, accompanied by the light scent of roses. In the drydown, the fragrance culminates with strong woody notes and a touch of leather.

Story of the fragrance
ONESPIRIT is an extract of the ideas, creativity and life philosophy of Majk Spirit in one elegant bottle. It is a fragrance full of freedom and courage, not dressed in a feminine or masculine way. It allows you to discover your own creative strength and free spirit.
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