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Women´s perfume SANTINI - Anastasia 50ml 1000037

Women´s perfume SANTINI - Anastasia 50ml

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Product ID:1000037
Volume: 50 ml
Head: rouge, citrus, peony
Heart: rose, freesia, jasmine
Base: patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver, ambergris
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Eau de parfume 50 ml

Anastasia for women is designed for every young, energetic woman who is uninhibited, sensual and impulsive. Enjoy life and be quirky. Every party will be your territory, streets will be full of hunters. Everybody will be charmed by this soft and flowery fragrance. The head of the perfume makes an exotic rouge, which is recruited by citrus tones and peony. Then it continues into a heady freesia with rose. The radical of the perfume is made with patchouli, wood cedar and vetiver. Be seductive and elegant every time and everywhere, but most importantly, be yourself.
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