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Women´s perfume SANTINI - Antonietta 50ml 1000051

Women´s perfume SANTINI - Antonietta 50ml

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Product ID:1000051
Volume: 50 ml
Head: fruit notes, strawberry
Heart: gardenia
Base: moss and musk
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Antonietta Eau de Perfume, 50 ml. - a symbol of an elegant, independent and rebellious woman. 

A modern fragrance with a very distinctive refreshing aroma. It has a woody and fruity character. Behind the main musk you will notice pleasant tones of gardenia with subtle aromas of strawberries, dried fruits, apple and apricots. The last note to arrive is the fragrance of white lilies. This perfume is a symbol of independence, rebelliousness but also refined elegance. The perfume bottle boasts a sleek design that is a sign of style, superiority and originality. This fragrance will complete your outfit and will be noticed by every passer-by. A bold and sensual combination that is worth it.
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