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Women´s perfume SANTINI - Green Yvésse 50ml 1000014

Women´s perfume SANTINI - Green Yvésse 50ml

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Product ID:1000014
Volume: 50 ml
Head: rhubarb, mint, lemon, orange peel, bergamot
Heart: jasmine, carnation, musk, ambergris
Base: cumin, green tea, clove
SANTINI - Green Yvésse Eau de parfume 50 ml.

A refreshing and stimulating perfume with tones of green tea, mint and lemon. Energising and uplifting for the body, Green Yvésse excites the senses and exalts the spirit. In its heart lie floral tones of soft jasmine, stimulating carnations and sensual ambergris. Green Yvésse is a vivid, energetic and citrusy scent for everyday use. It is ideal for all women who prefer fresh, light perfumes.
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