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Women´s perfume SANTINI - Julvien 50ml 1000046

Women´s perfume SANTINI - Julvien 50ml

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Product ID:1000046
Volume: 50 ml
Head: grapefruit, pear, japan rose
Heart: ylang-ylang, rose, ambergris
Base: musk, woody tones
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Julvien Eau de parfume 50 ml. luxury floral fragrance full of fruity tones.

Julvien suits every girl who wants to highlight her tenderness and purity, but who also wants to show her sensuality, which she hides brilliantly. This luxury fragrance suits every extraordinary woman. Every woman is as charismatic and spontaneous as Julvien. Julvien is a sweet and tender fragrance featuring the Bulgarian rose, which is the heart of the fragrance. The sweetness is balanced by the fruity tones of pear and marshmallows. This combination makes Julvien fresh and unique. There are also tones of another flower (ylang-ylang), which gives Julvien the joyful feelings of spring optimism. And the final element which makes Julvien sensual and feminine is a musk, the radical of the fragrance.
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