Women´s perfume SANTINI - Sia, 20ml 2015521

Women´s perfume SANTINI - Sia, 20ml

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Product ID:2015521
Volume: 20 ml
Head: magnolia, almond
Heart: iris, patchouli, white flowers
Base: vanilla, tonka bean, cotton candy, truffles
SANTINI Women's Perfume - Sia, Eau de parfum 20 ml.
The best solution! 20 ml. perfume for your pocket or handbag!

Perfume characterises a woman with a sense of mind; she has her own lifestyle and surrounds it with beautiful things.

The woman wrapped up in Sia walks into the hall with crystal chandeliers and immediately attracts the attention of all the gentlemen around her.

Precisely chosen flowers for this scent are reflected in this fragrance’s composition: energy, joy, the awakening of spring and the beginning of something new. The fragrance opens with notes of magnolia, which symbolises youth and beauty.

White flowers, along with patchouli, accompany this sensual composition. The scent concludes with pralines and sweet vanilla.

This elegant composition evokes a feeling of happiness and puts a smile on his face.
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